The Depths are contain the waterworks and sewers of Lordram. This area is very dark and sunlight won't reach you here. The tunnels here house Basilisk and houses Slime traps as well. Proceed with caution.



General NotesEdit

  • Bleeding and curses lay await in this area. Bring a Purging Tablet if necessary.

Important TipsEdit

  • There is one bonfire in The Depths. It is located behind a locked door, whose key you will locate further down on a corpse.
  • Bring bleeding and curse healing items.
  • The first room contains a mixture of Hollow with torches and The Butcher working below. There is a second Butcher lurking on some support beams in the corner. This is an extremely hard fight at low levels because the Butcher is fast and his sword does huge amount of damage. Not an easy area and should be approached only when 20+ soul level.
  • Down in the sewers, next to the door to Blighttown Domhnall of Zena sells the Bottomless Box that can be used at bonfires to store excess inventory items. Helpful to have a minimum inventory when trying to switch items in combat or dangerous situations. He also sells some pretty good gear, such as a Crystal Shield and a Crystal Straight Sword. The only downside is that you can't repair these items.


  • Ring of the Evil Eye
  • Key to the door that leads to a bonfire.
  • Bottomless Box can be obtained here.


  • Domhnall of Zena


Black Phantom: Kirk Knight of Thorns - When in human form and before killing the boss, once you have reached the bottom of the sewers from the water fall drop you will see him invade. This should be directly next to the basilisk area. Make sure to beat him before defeating the Gaping Dragon or he will not spawn.