Docile HollowEdit

These Hollows are non aggressive until attacked, and often won't even notice you. Once attacked they turn into Hollows wielding broken swords and become aggressive.


Kill them whilst they are still not aggressive or avoid causing them damage. All Hollow types are slow outside of some special attacks and are therefore highly vulnerable to ranged attacks, ranged spells and fast weapons.

Hollow (Broken Sword)Edit

Broken Sword wielding Hollows. They often will rush in to attack once they have spotted you. Highly dangerous in groups.


All of the sword Hollow's attacks can be blocked easily. Quick barrage is the only real threat as it is the only multiple hit attack. If you don't have a shield strong enough to block the entire quick barrage then you should dodge this attack by rolling or back stepping due to the attack's poor tracking. If you have a shield that can fully block the attack and stagger the zombie then afterwards you can easily move around behind it for a Back stab. When confronted with multiple sword Hollow it is recommended to kill them quickly as group attacks will often leave you with no time to counterattack.

Hollow (Archer)Edit

Bow wielding Hollows will shoot arrows at you from a distance.


The arrow attacks are very easy to block or can be avoided by moving out of their way or rolling through. Once in melee range a few quick hits should dispatch them with ease.

Hollow (Torch)Edit

Just as weak as the other Hollow variants, however the added fire damage from the torch poses an extra threat.


Most of the time you can fight these Hollows in the same way as the Sword Hollows. However you have to be careful if they start using Crazy Run. The attack allows them to quickly close any distance between you and them whilst simultaneously inflicting large amounts of damage. Because of this it pays off to always keep an eye on any Torch Hollows in an area. If you are confronted by multiple torch Hollow using Crazy Run then it is recommended to try and parry one of the attacks and use the invincibility frames from the riposte to avoid damage as Crazy Run drains stamina very quickly whilst blocking.